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Interested in Speaking at SECO?

SECO holds its annual CE Planning Meeting each Spring. This year's meeting has come and gone. We're now finalizing our line-up of courses for SECO 2016. 

It's not too early, however, to begin preparing for SECO 2018's event. We'll be accepting proposals until April 10, 2017.  If you've spoken at SECO before, use the top-level menu options under SUBMIT AND MANAGE COURSE PROPOSALS to submit and update. If you've NEVER spoken at SECO before, visit and use the COURSE PROPOSALS feature there.

Prior to opening, there are several things you should remember when thinking of courses and proposals.

  1. Make sure to submit at LEAST four hours of course proposals. We cannot justify the expense and adminstrative commitment to bring a speaker into Atlanta for a single one, or two-hour course. It does happen, on occasion, but it's definitely not the norm. We typically will bring a given speaker in for four or more hours.
  2. If you're new to speaking at major meetings, consider proposing courses for AOP (Allied Ophthalmic Professionals). It's often easier to get on the AOP schedule if you're somewhat of an unknown entity. Oh, and it's OK to propose both OD and AOP courses to get to your "four or more hours" mentioned above.
  3. Proof your proposals. We are constantly amazed at the number of proposals that have significant errors: spelling, grammar, all caps, too wordy, etc. Also, snappy titles are OK... but have definitely been overdone in recent years. Keep it professional. Keep it concise. Keep it clean.
Interested in Speaking at SECO?

From PC World:

If there's one problem with presentation software, it's that it's hard for many people to create slides that look and feel professional. While Microsoft does its best to provide people with templates, it can still be hard to make slides look good -- and that's made doubly difficult for users starting from a blank canvas.

Microsoft is aiming to solve that with a new feature for PowerPoint 2016 called Designer that helps people who aren't presentation experts put together good-looking slides. When users go to insert an image into their presentation, Designer automatically pops up a sidebar on the right-hand side of the PowerPoint window with a handful of design ideas.